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TEYP's most recent show was:

Book and lyrics by Lynn Ahrens

Music by Stephen Flaherty

          Lucky Stiff first opend on April 26, 1988. It was a big success and won the 1988 Richard Rodgers Production Award. In 1990,  it was performed at the Olney Theater in Maryland and was awarded the Helen Hayes Award for Best Musical.

Based on the novel The Man Who Broke The Bank at Monte Carlo by Michael Butterworth, Lucky Stiff is an adventure for all ages. The complicated and hysterically funny plot involves one dead body, a nerdy English shoe salesman, six million bucks in diamonds, and a lot of dogs! "There's a hero on the run, a woman with a gun, an ending with a twist and a brother who is pissed!"

Production Staff
>Director: Scott Marshall
>Accompanist/Music Director: Michelle Ladew
>Choreographer: Sarha Cook, Scott Marshall
>Stage Manager: Lizzy Fitzgerald
>Technical Director: Michael Griffin
>Set Design: Scott Marshall
>Set Construction: Michael Griffin, Peter Hermann, Bruce Marshall, Johanna Harris, Nathan Saveriano.
>Costumes & Props: Janice Keefe, Lois Starbard, Peggy Wyman, Karen Marshall
>Tickets: Marion Doyle
>Publicity: Karen Marshall, Peggy Wyman
>Crew: Nathan Saveriano, Bruce Marshall, Pete Hermann, Johanna Harris
>Lights: Scott Marshall
>Front of House: The parents of the cast of Lucky Stiff
>Grams Runners: Heather Doyle, Stephanie Starbard, Laura LaMonica
>Ushers: Heather Doyle, Victoria Glidden, T.J. Lamanda, Annie & Meghann Toomajian, Emily & Mary Samson.

The Cast
(In order of appearance)
The Lover...Linda LaMonica
Harry Witherspoon...Evan Tarmy
Landlady...Jessica Starbard
Spinster...Joelle Kross
Lorry Driver...David Bransfield
Boarder...Natalie Jackson
Solicitor...Tory Hermann
Ms. Thorsby...Linda LaMonica
Tony Hendon...Mark D'Entremont
Vincent Di Ruzzio...James Keefe
Mrs. Loomis...Joelle Kross
Nurse...Natalie Jackson
Rita La Porta...Jennifer Marshall
Waiter #1...Natalie Jackson
Luigi Gaudi...Andrew Barbado
Lady #1...Joelle Kross
Lady #2...Linda LaMonica
Bellhop...Tory Hermann
Annabel Glick...Suzie Wyman
Emcee...Tory Hermann
Waiter #2...Linda LaMonica
Dominique Du Monaco...Alyssa Staples
Dealer...Jessica Starbard
Drunk Maid...Joelle Kross
Arab...Andrew Barbado
Nun...David Bransfield
Leper...Joelle Kross
Texan...Linda LaMonica

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