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That's Entertainment Youth Players

About TEYP

About TEYP
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In 1995, a small group of kids and their parents got together and started a theater group called That's Entertainment Youth Players of Greater Lynn. Their mission: To provide the local youth with a positive theatrical experience and go on to further endeavors in performing arts or whatever field they have chosen, all the while making long lasting friendships and experiencing the love and unity of music and live theater.

      TEYP does just that. The organization has had a successful ten years and shows no sign of ending. Members come and go but one thing stays the same: the experience. Whoever has participated in theater with the non-profit group, has memories that will last them their lifetime. TEYP has members from Lynn, Nahant, Marblehead and even Stoneham. Everyone is welcomed with open arms. If you would like to join TEYP, contact any cast member, or contact myself (my e-mail is posted on the home page).

In it's lifetime, TEYP has performed: "Godspell", "You're A Good Man Charlie Brown", "In's and Out's of Broadway", "Into the Woods", "A Tripute to 1940's Radio Show", "Let's Go to the Movies", "Really Rosie", "Disney Tonight", "How to Eat Like a Child and Other Lessons in Being a Grown Up", "The Little Prince" and their most recent production, "Lucky Stiff".

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